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About Us

The Experts in Design & Decluttering

At Calla Lily Homes & Designs, we were made to curate spaces and dream homes. Bringing great style and sophistication to clients all throughout the Atlanta area, CLHD provides expert guidance throughout the entire design process. Whether, its the massive closet you've dreamt of for years, the ultimate man cave, or even your very first nursery, we love to make the magic happen right where it matters the most.


Our services range from start to finish, with home renovations, interior design, home organization to tidying services. We believe the little things make the biggest difference, and truly giving our clients exactly what they need. Nothing compares to a vibrant, flowing home full of love, comfort and happiness.


Our Story

Calla Lily Homes & Designs is your source for all things home design and lifestyle. With tips, tricks, and advice on everything from our home renovation projects, and furniture shopping, to home organizing we are the go-to source for all your home lifestyle needs.

 Passionate about helping others create their dream home while also celebrating their design style. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or need help with a specific project, Calla Lily Homes & Designs is here to help.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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